School Profile

Shouf National College is a non-profit and non-sectarian institution founded by Professor Said Himadeh in 1957. The school operates under the direction and supervision of a board of trustees which includes a number of university professors and educators among its members.

Located in Baakline, 45 km from Beirut and 850 meters above sea level, the school is in the heart of the Shouf district. The campus overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and nestles in the heart of the mountains covering an area of 25,000 square meters.

SNC offers classes from the Kindergarten Level up to Grade 12 in both its English and French sections. The English section follows the Lebanese program and prepares its students to sit for Lebanese Baccalaureate exams. It also offers the American High School Diploma program. The French section follows the French program that prepares students to sit for the French Baccalaureate exams.

The American System program caters to students who possess a foreign passport or who come from another school that follows the same program. SNC established a Learning support Department (LSD) that caters to students with special educational needs.

SNC provides its students with all the facilities that aid their education including chemistry, physics and a biology laboratory. In addition to the above-mentioned facilities, extracurricular activities are profoundly emphasized to develop a physical, cultural, moral and an overall well-rounded character emphasizing integrity and honesty.

Our dedicated faculty of highly qualified teachers permits personal and academic growth of individual students. A coordinated staff team is behind efficient completion of daily schoolwork.

A senior management – executive team, consisting of a director and head of schools, is at the heart of the decision-making and the management process that puts the students’ needs above everything else.

We, at Shouf National College, ardently persevere to ensure that students are provided with a sanctum of academic excellence along with instilling a sense of confidence, which is of paramount importance. Graduates of Shouf National College have over the years proven to be articulate and avid members of society, in all aspects of life.

SNC offers 3 academic programs:

Lebanese Baccalaureate:
A national program offered in English with tracks that include General Sciences, Life Science, and Economics Sociology. Students will have to sit for official exams set by the Ministry of education.

American System Program:
The course follows the American Standard Curriculum. The language of instruction is English and the required courses are Math, Sciences, English, Social Studies, Economics, Sociology and Arabic Language at varying level.

French Baccalaureate Program:
The program follows the official French Curriculum and is accredited and supervised by the “Agence française pour l’enseignement à l’étranger” (AEFE). The language of instruction is French and the required courses are math, physics, chemistry, life and earth sciences, history, geography, moral and civic education, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, digital science and technology, physical education and sports.

At SNC, students present the Lebanese Brevet or, if they have obtained the exemption from the Lebanese exams, they can present the French official exam to obtain the National Diploma.

As for Grade 12 students, they present the French Baccalaureate and those who wish can also present the Lebanese Baccalaureate.