School Beliefs and Values


Our values mirror our thoughts, words, and actions.

Moral values are a major part of any productive society; thus, it is essential to acquire these values at a young age because the earlier we imprint moral values into the life of students, the better personalities we get.

Shouf National College has established a caring environment for the students and their parents to create collaborative, respectful, happy and creative members of the society.

COOPERATION: ‘Sharing our experiences and learning together’. Cooperation is essential which is why we collaborate with the parents to create happy and successful citizens.

ACHIEVEMENT: ‘Persist and do your best to achieve’. We encourage our learners to achieve personal goals by persisting and doing their best.

RESPECT: ‘Respect others and the surrounding environment’. Respect is evident in our environment. We model respect in speaking and interacting with others in a courteous manner to show our learners that it is all about being honest, reliable and trustworthy.

EMPATHY: ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’. We show empathy by understanding other people’s views or feelings and being supportive and caring towards them, and this is fully revealed by being one of the first schools to implement “The Mindfulness Program.”

Our Beliefs:

SNC believes that we can create a learning environment that stimulates and challenges students to achieve optimum learning with the collaboration and support of the parents.

  • Student learning is our highest priority, and everyone is capable of learning and achieving.
  • Student learning is our main focus, and it impacts all administration decisions and the school workflow.
  • Student achievement is promoted by creating a physically comfortable and safe environment.
  • Every student learns in different ways and learning programs need to accommodate this which drove us to use modern technology, contemporary methods of instruction and the latest findings of research and future trends.
  • Students can learn best in a student- centered classroom where they are actively engaged in the learning process that addresses their individual learning styles.