Quality Control Department

The Quality Assurance Department was established this year to cater the needs of our growing school. The main job of this department is:

  • Provide professional services of support and guidance (staff training and workshops, curricula development)
  • Monitor the daily workflow (school discipline, learning environment and teaching style, media sent to students)
  • Inspect various aspects of the school (safe and clean environment, classrooms, documentation, ICT and science labs, accounting department, warehouse)
  • Evaluate the performance (activities, school website and EYEschool, learning and teaching environment, discipline, safe buses, proper documentation)
  • Report the observed aspects to the administration
  • Send recommendations to improve the quality of work


– Layal Salman
BA in Education

– Nisreen Al Kader
BA in English Literature and Language Arts

E-mail: qualityassurance@snc.edu.lb