Kindergarten School

The Kindergarten cycle is a three-year cycle, implementing a curriculum that includes Language Arts (English, Arabic, and French) science, mathematics, social studies, art, music, and physical education. Our program recognizes the right of the children to realize and expand their potentials, strengthen their ability to socialize, and satisfy their needs and desires to learn. Our Kindergarten cycle addresses the full scope of the children’s growing minds. It grants children extended opportunities to form meaningful relationships and develop complex social skills.

We have adopted a system in which each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and moral potentials are carefully cultivated and guided. As a result, children begin to see themselves as learners and gain confidence in their abilities to inquire and solve problems.

In the end, we strive to enable our children to be highly motivated and actively involved in their own learning in order to produce high quality work in a safe atmosphere. We aim to nurture the whole child and instill in our children a lifelong love of learning.