IT Department

After the revolution and COVID-19 spread, we realized we were the luckiest in the Shouf area since we had an IT Department which had established a radical digital transformation on both the hardware and software level.

When we had to lock due to the revolution, the IT department along with the administration took the first step to continue sending videos to cover up the prerequisites required to move to the next grade level. During the summer, workshops were conducted for teachers to prepare them to teach online. In September, our teachers were ready to start, and we continued to work and overcome all difficulties faced.

Our WIFI network has been upgraded to cover the whole school campus (more than 12 buildings, an auditorium, and 3 computer labs). Also, each classroom has been equipped with a computer, a projector, and a network connection which enables teachers to have internet access during their classes. In addition to that, we enhanced our internet connection to enable us to run up to 30 online classes simultaneously.

We realized that we needed a professional platform, so we adopted EYEschool which helped us connect 3k+ users (staff, parents and students) by broadcasting individual and group messages, sending report cards, sharing files (pictures, PDF, MS office documents, Audio files, Videos).

When the Ministry of Education hesitated about taking the decision to start hybrid learning, we purchased Zoom licenses   and connected 2k+ users in virtual classes.

There is no need to remind parents that we are always there to support them technically as they have witnessed before.

We will continue to develop further to meet the demands of our age as we have launched our school website to keep you connected and updated.