Defying All Obstacles and Creating New Norms

What we are famous for at SNC is formulating an opportunity of every obstacle, a lesson of every flaw and new successful patterns of all what everyone has been challenging in the education field.

When this academic year commenced, many circumstances were as demotivating as never before. However, our belief in our staff, our students, and parents led us to work hand in hand to make the best of this year, especially since the previous academic year was terminated due to the widespread of COVID-19.

Zoom Classes

During the summer of the academic year 2020/2021, the IT department trained the teachers to teach online using Zoom application. More than one plan was prepared to follow up with the decisions of the Ministry of Education. When  online teaching started, there were 60 to 70 classes running simultaneously. After evaluating the situation, the administration staff realized that there were many students in one section, so each section was divided into two groups to give students fair and equal opportunities to participate in class activities.

Then, the minister decided to start hybrid classes, and we returned back to school, but some parents preferred online teaching due to the widespread of the pandemic. Then few villages were locked down, and we managed to merge the students of these villages with the students of online classes. All of these changes required ongoing and collaborative work of all the school faculty members.

A few weeks later, the minister advised all schools to return to online teaching. Again, another plan had to be prepared; all faculty members were under the constant need to adjust and develop new plans due to the previously mentioned circumstances.

End of Year

At the end of this academic year, everyone was delighted and pleased with the outcome, mainly that you, as parents, supported us through your posts on our page SNC Online Support where you expressed extreme gratitude.

We did simple graduation parties for KG3 and grade 12 due to the current situation in our country, Lebanon, and  we were overjoyed that our students enjoyed their parties. Students were so excited to graduate, and many valedictorians read their speeches farewelling the school to start a new journey.

An Addition to Our Family

We are pleased to announce that previously Al Hidaya School has been added to SNC. The school will be run under the administration of Shouf National College, and staff members will collaborate to make this step a triumph.

Our Busy Summers

SNC cares about developing round characters with high self-esteem, and that’s why we make sure that our students’ summers are well-spent. The summer camp at SNC is educational and fun since the students spend one hour per day solving their summer packs or studying. The students’ physical health is of great importance especially after one year and a half of online learning where physical activity has become scarce. Many kinds of oriented sports such as swimming and hiking are practiced. Every Friday is a theme day such as treasure hunt, escape room and many others. Throughout the summer camp, team work, competition and IQ games are enhanced. Physical wellbeing comes hand- in- hand with healthy diet and that’s why we teach and practice cooking healthy food with our students. Mother nature is our only shelter and one step to emphasize this is through camping which takes place every other week. A round character can’t be created without realizing the importance of the family as a basic unit of our community, and we at SNC make sure to solidify this family spirit. The age group of our summer campers ranges from 4 years old to 15 years old, and this summer we had 225 to 250 students enrolled from various schools.