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Graduated in 2001 from SNC, Majed continued his studies at AUB. After Graduation, he travelled to Dubai- UAE, then to Jeddah-KSA to excel in the field of education. He worked as a Chemistry/Biology teacher for years for both (British and American systems) to be rewarded with a promotion to a head of school due to his commitment, hard work and excellent leadership skills. “SNC was an ideal environment for me as a student; it instilled in me the self confidence that pushed me to become who I am now.

I am a “Proud Leader” of an outstanding institution.’’ said Majed.

“SNC was a second family for 12 years and gave me a strong mathematical and scientific theoretical background that prepared me for my engineering path,” says Maya Nasr, an Aerospace Engineer at NASA. Maya received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT in 2018 and 2021 respectively. Besides being a PhD student, Maya is working with Professor Jeffrey Hoffman on the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) for NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s Mars 2020 mission (Perseverance rover) which has successfully landed on Mars and was all over the news in February 2021.

She is the Policy Lead and the Congressional Legislation Lead for the SGAC Taskforce on US Space Legislation. She is additionally working in the Space Weaponization, Space Ethics & Human Rights, and Space Resources subgroups with the goal of space disarmament and peaceful use of outer space. She is also part of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Space4Women program. Moreover, she currently serves as a Space Law & Economics Research Advisor in Tod’Aérs for sustainable space studies.

Maya has been featured in many local and international press releases!

“After spending my childhood and teenage years at SNC as a student, I had the honor of graduating in 1984 and headed straight to the Lebanese University where I pursued higher education with a degree in Philosophy. It wasn’t long before I rejoined SNC again this time as a teacher in 1990.
30 years later, I am now privileged to call this place home! Much of my personal development as an individual was due to the school trusting me in both educational and administrative roles where I was in charge of the elementary section for 19 years aside to my teaching duties.’’
said Hanan.

Tarek Ibrahim graduated in 2006. He was entitled a Vogue Architect by Abode 2 the first luxury residential magazine. Ibrahim’s work was classified under the category of “Future Classics”, which is a policy adopted by the magazine to give creative people titles according to their projects, aspirations and achievements.

He has also established a new school among the pioneering architects in the world and his vision is to change the art of architecture and approaches around the Arab world.

It is noteworthy that Tarek Ibrahim won the German Design Award in 2020, Bronze A’Design Award in 2019, Golden Muse International Award in 2019 and the Kotinos International Award in 2018. He has also been selected recently to be one of the Lebanese and Arab pioneering members in the book “كبار رواد لبنان”.

SNC introduced us to difficulties that we will face in universities, and it gave us the weapon and methods to face them and be able to easily grasp the knowledge later on in the university. SNC with its extracurricular activities shaped us well to be rounded people with strong personalities.” said Tarek.

Diana Khodor holds a BA in public relations and an MA in educational management. Diana states: “I joined SNC when I was 3 years old, then joined it again as a staff member in my 20s. This institution is so much more than a ‘School’; it is actually a ‘Culture’, and a true ‘second home’. SNC shaped who I am today; it gave me many opportunities to develop my personality. I am so grateful that I studied at SNC and proud to be a ‘head of school’ in such an institution.”

The most interesting stages in life that give you an opportunity to find yourself is the school phase. My experience at SNC has taught me one fundamental thing – To be unique and never give up on my gift,’’ said Rita, a successful alumna who graduated from ESMOD ranking first with an honor degree. She stresses on the importance of the support she was given at SNC: “It might be weird to build your future off of an artistic talent, but if you got the right amount of encouragement then you will succeed which is exactly what the teachers at SNC helped me to believe. They supported me all the way. School was a bittersweet blend of joy and hardships. Here you meet different people, you are tutored by amazing teachers, and you grow as a person. I am thankful to SNC for giving me such an opportunity.” After her graduation, Rita was invited by the French embassy to Paris to tour fashion workshops there. Now she works as a character designer, illustrator and a fashion designer at Tony Ward Couture and every year she participates in “Salon De Chocolat” event.

Rita is the only Lebanese to write tutorial articles on 3D fashion design in 3D World International magazine!

Sara graduated from the American University of Beirut with high distinction in 2016 holding a BBA in finance where she was honored by “Betta Gamma Sigma”, the international business honor society and became one of its lifetime members. She worked as an audit for 3 years at one of the biggest four international accounting firms – Ernst & Young (EY), and was awarded the Elijah Watt Sells CPA Award for 2019. She was also the only winner from the Middle East, representing Lebanon internationally.

For Sara, SNC is the place where dreams are nourished. “SNC was the building block of my growth and excellence at the university and career levels. The SNC environment nourishes confidence and dedication in its students, raising generations with ambition, always aiming at success and self-development.”