No academic institution providing intermediate and secondary education was present in the Shouf region prior to the school establishment in 1957. Before this year, parents interested in offering this level of education to their children, were forced to send them to other regions, or relocate the entire family altogether.

This void, motivated leaders within the region, notably Professor Said B. Himadeh, to establish a school in the district. At that time, the idea coincided with the Anglican Church’s - “The Jerusalem and East Mission” -  to sell lands it owned in Baakline. Professor S. B. Himadeh negotiated the transaction, and low and behold, a Board of Trustees for the school was created. It included sheikh Said B. Himadeh, Professor of Economics, Head of the school of Economics and Business Administration at the American University of Beirut, and years after, Minister of Economy during President Suleiman Frangié’s mandate; Sheikh Najib Alamuddine, President of the Middle East Airlines; and Mr. Farid Fuleihan, Head of the Registrar at the American University of Beirut.

These three major founding fathers, in addition to other members, who joined later on, established the basis of a Board to manage the non-profit institution then named, “Kulliyat Al Shouf Al Wataniyyah”. Professor Himadeh later donated a large land, which serves as a soccer field and a secondary school for the French Section today.